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Ode to Summer

There is nothing like the exhaustion after a summer’s day.

That bone weary, eye drooping, slightly sun burnt nose

With a sprinkle of freckles across the nose.

Ice cream melting from a cone onto fingers

That are sticky and sweet.

A campfire roast with marshmallows on fire

And smoke blowing every which way

Causing campfire scent that rarely washes out the first time.

A dance of fireflies in a dark night

And  bath of humidity

The only suitable activity is porch swing sitting.

Name that cloud


No, dragon

No, boy with a hat on a flower.

Now it’s nothing but a wisp.

Bicycle tires spinning in the hot sun

Golden hair streaming behind, tangled in the wind

And a dog running alongside.

The sunset pink and purple

Disappearing on the horizon

And it takes two hours for the sun to go down

And disappear into oblivion

Or China

Whichever it gets to first.



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