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Our first kiss

The first two installments of our love story here.

We headed to the car, still talking the whole way.  We drove back to Rexburg where I was supposed to be home by 1 AM, which seemed too early to me!  It was 11:00, so we just drove around Rexburg. We drove up near the hospital and all around the town. I had never been to many places in Rexburg because I didn’t have a car.  It was fun.

When Blake dropped me off at my apartment, Carriage House 101, we hugged goodbye.  I stayed out talking and hugging until 12:59 am. Blake tried to kiss me but I wouldn’t let him because first date.  He loves to tease me about that now.  After we said goodnight, I went to my room to tell my roommate, Sherise, all about it.  I was walking on air. My heart was fluttery. All the stereotypes and I didn’t care.  I couldn’t wait to see Blake again.

I called my mom, 11 PM Las Vegas time and told her all about the date.  I started crying while I was telling her and she said, “Oh, crap” because I had told her about other guys before but had never cried about them.  She told my dad and I could hear him rolling his eyes on the other end.  I know he thought this was another “boy of the month club” candidate. My mom knew it wasn’t though.

The next day, I went to church. I remember it took forever for church to end because Blake was going to come over after church was over.  He came over as soon as he could and met all of my roommates. I remember him telling me (much later) that he thought my roommate Lisa was cute (she was) and that if it didn’t’ work out with me, Well…..  You can imagine how well that went over, ha.  My roommates left to go somewhere and Blake and I talked for a long time.

Then we kissed with the windows open where anyone could see.   At this time, not many of my friends knew I was on a break with the guy I had been dating for two months.  One of my friends, Marie walked by when the kiss happened.  Of course, I didn’t see her but she was certain to ask me about it later!  She was very surprised to see me kissing another guy!

Blake and I spent the next few days together every second that we could.  He met me after classes. He drove up from Idaho Falls, where he lived (30 minutes away) just to be with me for an hour.  We ate at his favorite Chinese restaurant Fong’s and my favorite sandwich/frozen yogurt place, Millhollow.  We studied together and life was pretty perfect.

More later!


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