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Lazy days?

I love you “other mother Monday’s” but wow, summer.

Any of you other moms out there think:

This is the summer!

well have a plan

and keep it!

will spend all the quality

and quantity time!

we’ll make homemade ice cream

and snuggle

and catch frogs.

Our first summer day has been great. Better than great! Everyone completed their chart. We signed up for summer reading and went to the pool.

and had crepes (Hailey made em) for dinner

and reseeded the lawn

and clean out the craft closet because yikes.

and I know we can’t go on like this full steam. Seriously my back hurts

and it’s from helping William ride his bike (forgot that one.)

I go out of town for the fastest trip ever for my Grandpas funeral in Utah. I leave Thursday on a jet plane.

Go to funeral Friday.

Then get in my sisters car and drive to Iowa.

I get back Saturday.


But thats life and I’m glad to go.

Im just looking forward to the lazy days of summer.

Smores by the campfire.

Walks in the woods


And reading chapter books.

in my hammock



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