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Grandpa Terry

My Grandpa passed away this weekend.  He was 88 years old, I believe.  He lived a long and productive life.  My cousin asked for memories of him to be used at the service, so Grandpa Terry, this one is for you.

  • He would often call us “pills” and try to pinch us (nicely) or tickle us.  He was pretty jokey, unless he was tired of us being loud and crazy, ha!
  • He was constantly watching cowboy movies.
  • He loved classical music and always played records.  I remember when he got his first cd player.  It was a very exciting day at his house.
  • He would visit us in Las Vegas and we would go to the mall and he would buy us a gift.
  • He would often say, “Ah, hell, Ann Etta.”  It is still one of my favorite sayings.
  • He loved root beer barrels.  I remember him always having some and sharing them.  He would hand us a barrel with a clear wrapper.
  • Grandpa made all four of my babies knitted quilts and we hold them special.  He also made them a bunch of hats and scarves.
  • He had the best bat wing eyebrows, which I inherited.  They were crazy and out of control.  I try to maintain mine better than he did.
  • He could play a mean game of checkers and always played games with Spencer when we were in town.
  • I remember him being the custodian at our church, which I thought was super cool.
  • He loved to read had a good collection of books. I read all 9 volumes of The Work and the Glory from his bookshelf.
  • Our last conversation was about music and how he couldn’t  hear it.  And that the recorder was broken.  My heart went out to him.  I am glad that he  can be in a better place and I hope the music is better than he ever imagined.
  • I love my Grandpa.  Yes, he was grumpy at times but most of my memories are about him teasing us or trying to steal our noses or something.  I know he loved us and loved my kids too.  So grateful that families are forever

I wanted to put a picture up but my phone died and has my camera.  But I will eventually!



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