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Sing (5 minute Friday)

Join in for Five minute Friday with Kate Montaug.  Other Posts I have written. When I was about ten years old, I was part of a singing group. I don’t think I was that good of a singer, I really don’t know.  I have always enjoyed singing but mostly singing in the shower/kitchen/car, not in… Continue reading Sing (5 minute Friday)

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Empty (Five Minute Friday)

Another five minute prompt and anyone is welcome to join. Also, here is a two minute video I love about Easter. There are times when I have felt empty and downright depleted.  I have lacked motivation. I have lacked desire to improve or complete anything. I have wasted time.  I have lost my focus and… Continue reading Empty (Five Minute Friday)

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Enough (5 minute prompt)

Time again for five minute Friday.  Join up here! Blake and I got to run away this weekend.  He is happily napping as I write, eat mini eggs and watch Fixer Upper.  Can anything be better? We went on a elevator trolley that a rich guy built in 1888 because he didn’t want to climb the… Continue reading Enough (5 minute prompt)

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Five Minute Friday:Define

Here is my five minute prompt for the week.  You can write and link to at Kate Motaung’s site. Today, I went on a run/walk/hike through this foresty area near my house.  It was still pretty barren from winter, but signs up life were starting to pop up.  Some grass, very vibrant green from the… Continue reading Five Minute Friday:Define

Anyone can Write · Five Minute Friday · Tell Your Story

Five Minute Prompt: Embrace

I write a five minute prompt every Friday (today Saturday) with the group over at Kate Motaung’s site.  You can too! I have a wise and kind friend, Leah, who would always say, “It’s a season.” whenever something wasn’t going right. When we had moved, when the kids were being naughty, when we couldn’t sleep. … Continue reading Five Minute Prompt: Embrace