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How to Enjoy Road Tripping with your Kids

I have traveled with my family on a 50 hour road trip to the East Coast.  We have driven from Iowa to Utah without staying at a hotel (20 hours).  I have traveled from Las Vegas to Iowa with four kids, without a husband (24 hours!) with two hotel stays. What I’m saying is I… Continue reading How to Enjoy Road Tripping with your Kids

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Spiritual Sunday: The Spirit is the same

The church we go to is organized so that you can look online and locate a church building and meeting time. We have used this site many times.  Every time we move.  Every time we go on vacation.  We look it up and we go to the time that best suits us. Anyone is welcome to do the… Continue reading Spiritual Sunday: The Spirit is the same

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Enough (5 minute prompt)

Time again for five minute Friday.  Join up here! Blake and I got to run away this weekend.  He is happily napping as I write, eat mini eggs and watch Fixer Upper.  Can anything be better? We went on a elevator trolley that a rich guy built in 1888 because he didn’t want to climb the… Continue reading Enough (5 minute prompt)