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Other Mothers Monday: Vicki

Other Mothers Posts I have a mother.  Her name is Vicki.  She taught have enough teenage food in the house so friends will come over and you can be involved in their lives.  She taught sharing your pool and house with friends.  She taught loaning a California beach house just to be nice.  She taught… Continue reading Other Mothers Monday: Vicki

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Spiritual Sundays: Hope of Spring

Mycomputer is out of batteries and I am too tired/lazy to get up out of bed and get the cord. So I am writing this on my phone. How’s that for honest? Last fall, William, Brooke and I planted some tulip and daffodil bulbs all around the yard. I kept saying “These things better come… Continue reading Spiritual Sundays: Hope of Spring

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Empty (Five Minute Friday)

Another five minute prompt and anyone is welcome to join. Also, here is a two minute video I love about Easter. There are times when I have felt empty and downright depleted.  I have lacked motivation. I have lacked desire to improve or complete anything. I have wasted time.  I have lost my focus and… Continue reading Empty (Five Minute Friday)

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In the face of “rejection” I hate that word.

Above artwork by Jessica Durrant. I said I would write minutes a day.  Doesn’t mean I want to write every day.  Most days I look forward to it.  If I haven’t had time to write during the day, I will think of my ideas as I am laying by my five year old, waiting for him to fall… Continue reading In the face of “rejection” I hate that word.

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What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Funeral Potatoes

Other What’s Cookin’ Wednesdays I know, I know.  Funeral potatoes.  Everyone is a critic or they make the best or their Grandma does or they hate them or they don’t do cornflakes on top.  Is there any subject more divided? (sweet potatoes, potentially.)  But these funeral potatoes are made with cream of chicken soup. I… Continue reading What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Funeral Potatoes