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Other Mothers Monday: AnnEtta

Other Mothers Monday posts I have a mother named AnnEtta.  She taught going to nursing school and being a nurse at night, so she could be around for her kids during the day.  She taught cheating, er playing Old Maid and laughing a little too loudly when she won.  She taught crying whenever we drove… Continue reading Other Mothers Monday: AnnEtta

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Have courage and be what you are

Blake gave me a Fitbit for my birthday last year.  My friend, Deb and her husband, Matt have Fitbits too and wanted to be in a steps competition with me.  Every week or weekend, you try to beat each other’s steps. It’s pretty fun and motivating.  Except Matt said, “I can’t go against her. She’s a runner.” … Continue reading Have courage and be what you are

"Other Mothers" Monday · Anyone can Write · Tell Your Story

Other Mothers Monday: Joyce

I have a mother named Joyce.  She taught me an open door and an open pool when we come to visit Las Vegas.  She taught sincere questions and thoughtful answers about difficult topics.  She taught some very helpful emails about relationships and miscarriages.  She taught a happy laugh and a warm hug.  She taught once… Continue reading Other Mothers Monday: Joyce

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Five Minute Friday: Purpose

Every Friday, I write it out for five minutes with a prompt from Kate Motaung’s site.  Anyone can write and anyone can upload.  Go for it! It’s always fun to see what we all make out of one word and five minutes.  For past Five Minute Fridays click here. My purpose has always (well, the… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Purpose

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What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Dad’s Spaghetti

I know it’s Thursday.  Yesterday, I opted to write honoring the babies we have lost, so today we’ll pretend it’s Wednesday! My dad is the master cooker/baker of about ten items, possibly more.  He has the talent of becoming fixated on one food item (custard, sourdough bread, garlic bread) and perfecting it.  He tries different… Continue reading What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Dad’s Spaghetti