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Wrestling with God

I have still been writing faithfully everyday, so no fear out there all you readers (wink, wink, hey, mom).  I’ve been writing more quick snippets on Instagram as summer doesn’t lend tons of time to lots of laptop writing.  But that’s ok. I love spending it with my kids. I woke up at 5:15 AM… Continue reading Wrestling with God

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Spiritual Sunday: Hailey’s talk

Other Spiritual Sundays In our church, the 12 year and older kids get the chance to speak to the congregation.  Our daughter turned 12 recently and was asked to speak about missionary work.  Her first response was to bawl because she was so nervous about getting up in front of people.  She has been working… Continue reading Spiritual Sunday: Hailey’s talk

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From the ashes

We took a different route on our way home this morning. 20 hours and 5 am with four kids are quite the interesting mix. But nobody can complain when you’re driving through Swan Valley, Idaho. The kids saw a river, which they nicknamed chocolate and sometimes poopy river. It kept them entertained. Then we saw… Continue reading From the ashes