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Spiritual Sunday: Consider the Lilies

I have always liked the scripture: Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. (Mathew 6:28)  I have been a little confused by it too. What do lilies have to do with humans?  Well, the other night I was lying awake at 12:30 am thinking about the… Continue reading Spiritual Sunday: Consider the Lilies

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What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Jo’s Rolls

Disclaimer: I only knew Jo for three years, sadly.  I wish I had more to report on her but anyone who knows her knows she is just truly amazing and snarky and kind.  I will talk about her more someday in my “Other Mothers” series because there is a lot to say. And when someone… Continue reading What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Jo’s Rolls

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Spiritual Sunday: 15 years in Primary

In my church, we are volunteers.  We accept a position in the “ward”, really a congregation, that will help uplift others.  I have had the opportunity to be in the position of Primary since I was 18 years old. I am now 36. We have moved a lot.  Every time we move, I am asked… Continue reading Spiritual Sunday: 15 years in Primary

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Slow progress is still progress

I have a lot of writing ideas going through my head right now.  It’s a cold and sunny day and I went to the dentist and didn’t have any cavities.  Then, I got to talk to my dad on the phone.  He does not like talking on the phone really, but he calls me to check… Continue reading Slow progress is still progress