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Brown sugar muffins

I’ve missed my sweet writing site. I’ve Written 252 days. I’ve loved it. Yesterday, I wrote about TGIF on my Instagram account,  writeitout6, and got some requests for my brown sugar muffin recipe. It’s a great recipe. Easy, one bowl and probably the first thing I learned to bake. You can leave plain or dip… Continue reading Brown sugar muffins

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Wrestling with God

I have still been writing faithfully everyday, so no fear out there all you readers (wink, wink, hey, mom).  I’ve been writing more quick snippets on Instagram as summer doesn’t lend tons of time to lots of laptop writing.  But that’s ok. I love spending it with my kids. I woke up at 5:15 AM… Continue reading Wrestling with God

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Blessings (5 minute prompt)

I’m writing along with five minute Friday and you can too! Every time I can’t sleep (which isn’t super often) I say a prayer in my mind. I lost all the blessings I can think of. And it helps me fall asleep. I just start with whatever and just let my brain go. green grass… Continue reading Blessings (5 minute prompt)

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I haven’t stopped!

For all you loyal readers out there (hello family!), I haven’t given up.  In the past month, I’ve been in and out to Utah and Idaho twice, finished kid’s school, had two grandparent(my Grandpa, Blake’s Grandma) deaths and my sister’s family came to visit for a week.  Phew.  I may have a slight Dr. Pepper… Continue reading I haven’t stopped!