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Other Mother Mondays: Donna

Other Mother Mondays Here I have a mother. Her name is Donna.  She taught a big Texas laugh with an even bigger Texas heart.  She taught drive around an awesome old suburban for years and have plenty of room to offer friends rides.  She taught marry an Italian man with a heart of gold who… Continue reading Other Mother Mondays: Donna

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Spiritual Sundays: Strollers and His will

We cleaned out our garage yesterday.  Many of you who know us know that our garage is a place to park our junk and not our car.  We have made a goal (again) that this year we are parking in the garage!  As we’re cleaning it out, I spy the strollers.  One is a double… Continue reading Spiritual Sundays: Strollers and His will

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Enough (5 minute prompt)

Time again for five minute Friday.  Join up here! Blake and I got to run away this weekend.  He is happily napping as I write, eat mini eggs and watch Fixer Upper.  Can anything be better? We went on a elevator trolley that a rich guy built in 1888 because he didn’t want to climb the… Continue reading Enough (5 minute prompt)

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Why I don’t like working with my kids. How is that for honest AKA the tale of an attic

I wrote this Saturday but didn’t have time to post it. Disclaimer: This is coming off a Spring Break where it snowed a foot the first day and Blake has had viral bronchitis for a week.  Meaning he has been out of commission for a week and very ill.  So, take this with a grain… Continue reading Why I don’t like working with my kids. How is that for honest AKA the tale of an attic

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What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Jo’s Rolls

Disclaimer: I only knew Jo for three years, sadly.  I wish I had more to report on her but anyone who knows her knows she is just truly amazing and snarky and kind.  I will talk about her more someday in my “Other Mothers” series because there is a lot to say. And when someone… Continue reading What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Jo’s Rolls