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Thoughts of Today

Today I had a lot of thoughts and I am going to dump them here.  It always makes me feel better.  This is why writing is therapeutic for me.  Who really wants to listen to all this? This is just what I could remember as I thought through my day.  In the end, I am… Continue reading Thoughts of Today

Anyone can Write · Family · Tell Your Story · Today was... · Writing about Writing

Journaling is more than writing

I wrote on our family blog today, which is now only five months behind.  I am in December which is always a long blog month with the holidays.  I kind of dread writing on it sometimes because I feel like it’s the same thing over and over again each year.  But once I start writing… Continue reading Journaling is more than writing

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Spiritual Sundays: Hope of Spring

Mycomputer is out of batteries and I am too tired/lazy to get up out of bed and get the cord. So I am writing this on my phone. How’s that for honest? Last fall, William, Brooke and I planted some tulip and daffodil bulbs all around the yard. I kept saying “These things better come… Continue reading Spiritual Sundays: Hope of Spring

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In the face of “rejection” I hate that word.

Above artwork by Jessica Durrant. I said I would write minutes a day.  Doesn’t mean I want to write every day.  Most days I look forward to it.  If I haven’t had time to write during the day, I will think of my ideas as I am laying by my five year old, waiting for him to fall… Continue reading In the face of “rejection” I hate that word.