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Five Minute Friday: Mom

Other Five Minute Fridays One of my favorite parts of this whole writing every day thing has been writing about moms.  Every Monday, I write about different moms in my life.  I love seeing how different they are from each other but I still love them all!  And I love them for different reasons.  Sometimes… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Mom

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How to Enjoy Road Tripping with your Kids

I have traveled with my family on a 50 hour road trip to the East Coast.  We have driven from Iowa to Utah without staying at a hotel (20 hours).  I have traveled from Las Vegas to Iowa with four kids, without a husband (24 hours!) with two hotel stays. What I’m saying is I… Continue reading How to Enjoy Road Tripping with your Kids

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What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Rockets

Other What’s Cookin’ Wednesdays I guess I have a thing for writing about our sweet little treasures in Iowa. Don’t you love when you walk into a place that smells like childhood?  When I walked into Rockets this morning, I smelled childhood.  Morning donuts mixed with the smells of coffee and café and vinyl seating. … Continue reading What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Rockets

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In lieu of “Other Mother’s Monday”

Well, my day just got away from me.  I did rewriting and editing for my job.  I would have much rather written about the mother of the day!  So, I hope to get to her tomorrow, though I have more work to do.  Hallelujah for $1 kids meals at Culver’s tomorrow night. The funniest part… Continue reading In lieu of “Other Mother’s Monday”

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Spiritual Sunday: First Date with Blake

Other Spiritual Sundays Last Sunday, I wrote about the first bit of meeting Blake. Here’s more! After Blake asked me out, I spent an excruciating week wondering if I should go or not.  Seems silly after me asking to ask me out again.  My roommates were like, “Do you even know this guy?” and “Maybe… Continue reading Spiritual Sunday: First Date with Blake