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Wrestling with God

I have still been writing faithfully everyday, so no fear out there all you readers (wink, wink, hey, mom).  I’ve been writing more quick snippets on Instagram as summer doesn’t lend tons of time to lots of laptop writing.  But that’s ok. I love spending it with my kids. I woke up at 5:15 AM… Continue reading Wrestling with God

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I haven’t stopped!

For all you loyal readers out there (hello family!), I haven’t given up.  In the past month, I’ve been in and out to Utah and Idaho twice, finished kid’s school, had two grandparent(my Grandpa, Blake’s Grandma) deaths and my sister’s family came to visit for a week.  Phew.  I may have a slight Dr. Pepper… Continue reading I haven’t stopped!

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Other Mothers Monday: Candy

Other Mother Mondays  I have been on a slight break from my Other Mother Mondays because we were out of town.  Besides that I have been tired and it’s hard to do wonderful ladies justice when you’re tired.  But it’s happening tonight!  Tonight’s Mother is my mother in law, Candy. I have a mother.  Her… Continue reading Other Mothers Monday: Candy

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100 days of writing!! And a giveaway

When I began this writing journey, it was February 16. It was a Thursday. I had just had my third miscarriage in 18 months on February 13. Pretty sad way to spend Valentine’s Day. I decided to help with my pain, I would write. I needed direction and focus and purpose. My kids were in… Continue reading 100 days of writing!! And a giveaway

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Five Minute Friday: Visit

This is a five minute Friday prompt with Kate Motaung, who just announced that there is a new Five Minute Friday website!  Hooray!  This site is what got me back into writing and I love it. Other Five Minute Fridays I have written. After living 18-24 hours away from our families for five years now,… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Visit