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What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Blake and Refried Beans

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I have the best husband in the world. You might think you do, so sorry, reader.  The best husband in the world comes home after a long day at the office fighting off the bad guys of the cyberworld and is still happy.  He clunks his giant backpack full of techie gizmos and cords (so. many. cords.) onto our bench and immediately changes into “comfy clothes” AKA Star Wars tshirt and pj pants.  So, now we are matching. No, I don’t mean to wear Star Wars shirts but when said husband and his brothers get matching $5 Walmart shirts when they are together, you end up with a lot of Star Wars t-shirt options.

Usually, he misses dinner because he works four 10 hour shifts, so we have his dinner waiting for him in the fridge.  But on those nights when dinner doesn’t happen (I know I’m not alone, hello, Nutella sandwiches), Blake says, “That’s fine. Do we have any refried beans left?”  Now, how lucky am I? He’s not mad or asking why I didn’t get to dinner (after 15 years of marriage, he’s pretty much a genius) or expecting anything.  He is understanding and kind.

Then he proceeds to tell me that I am the master of refried beans, which might not seem like a compliment to you, but after living in Las Vegas for six years and having the best Mexican food around, this is pretty amazing.  I got the recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Café, my tried and true cyber friend who always manages to have the best recipes.  You can cook them up in a slow cooker. They are creamy and seriously so yum, you could eat them with a spoon (I have, no shame here.) I usually triple the batch because yes, Blake really will eat them all within a few weeks.

He has perfected the microwave time for a bean burrito in a flour shell that turns a little crispy when cooked.  And don’t forget the cheese and salsa.  Plus, he even shares a bite even though I said, “No, I’m not hungry.”  So, how’s that for a great husband?  Hopefully, he stays this way because while homemade dinner happens about five nights a week at our house, who knows how long that will really go on for.


Best husband in Spain last year.  Ahhh, relaxing, not like right now doing the AHHHH Masters degree!!!

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